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Victorian and Edwardian Houses in Toronto Real Estate

Jul 17 | Posted By

As a realtor in Toronto, I spend a lot of time looking into different neighbourhoods and different types of homes whether it be condos, semi-detached, town homes and of course, the incredibly desired detached homes of the GTA. The wonderful part about the Toronto housing market is it offers a huge variety of different styles of homes from different eras. I have always found myself interested in the character and fine details of some of the old homes throughout the city and find myself often answering questions about what makes a certain style of home that style.

Today I spent some time researching what really makes a Victorian home, a Victorian home, not to be confused with an Edwardian home.

Victorian Style Homes:

A Victorian House generally refers to homes built during the reign of Queen Victoria from the 1800s to 1903. This was after Georgian and after the Edwardian. The Industrial Revolution had a huge hand in the development of many Victorian houses. Victorian homes in Toronto can be found in places like Cabbage Town, Riverdale, Trinity Bellwoods, Little Italy, etc. Some features of a traditional Victorian Style Home include:

  • dual-peaked roofs (gable roof)
  • beautiful bay windows in the front
  • situated on narrow lots
  • red brickwork
  • 10-12 foot ceilings
  • ornate details
  • archways
  • stained glass windows
  • no garage
  • roof made of slate
  • windows that slide up

On top of these enticing features, back when these homes were being built, regular sanitation features were introduced, running water, lighting powered by gas and a basement with a cellar for storage. The Edwardian style homes feature several similar characteristics and are often confused with a Victorian home.

Edwardian Style Homes:

Edwardian homes were built between 1901-1910 during the Edwardian era. They differed from Victorian homes at first glance because of their wider lots, boxier layouts and often more detail. Though it was a much shorter period, houses were heavily influenced by function and simplicity and moving towards comfort over elegance. Edwardian homes in Toronto can be found in Highpark and Leslieville. Some features of a traditional Edwardian Style Home include:

  • houses built in a straight line
  • boxy exterior
  • situated on wider lots
  • wide hallways
  • deep porch with wooden frames
  • bigger principle rooms
  • brighter rooms
  • parquet wood floors

While some Victorian homes did have electricity, it became an easily available commodity during the Edwardian era due to the rise in the middle class. This made it more common to have lighter colours outside and inside the home since the soot wasn’t trying to be camouflaged.

So there you have it! You never have to get caught in an awkward conversation again! Victorian or Edwardian…you chose! If you would like some help with real estate in Toronto, give me a call at 416-728-5401.


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