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November 20 2023 | Buying/Selling

Real Estate Advice for Seniors: What Should a Widow Do?

Do you have a parent or a family member who is widowed and living alone in their family home? Is the home too much for them to manage physically and financially? Do you need real estate advice for seniors? My name is Danielle Demerino, I am a real estate agent in Toronto. My goal is to help educate my clients on how to build wealth through buying and selling real estate.

What To Do With Your Family Home?

When my mom was the only person left in our family home, after my dad passed away and I had moved out; the decision had to be made of what to do with the house. The home was too big for her at that point. The money in the house could be used for better investments elsewhere. She knew this was going to be an emotional decision as a lot of her memories were wrapped up in the house, she knew the smart decision was to move.

A lot of women are not being spoken to after their partners die or they have got a divorce. The only people that are speaking to them are BANKS. They want you to sell your house and then put a big chunk of money in the bank and give them an interest rate that just doesn’t cut it. This interest rate doesn’t allow them to have a lifestyle that they are used to. They are used to an income and maybe now they don’t have any.

So if you have an aunt, a mother or an older family member who is struggling to decide on what to do with their family home, and how to invest in their future, send this video to them. Let’s have the uncomfortable conversations that no one is having!

I am incredibly passionate about helping older people make wise choices to elongate their lives. So let’s start here. Send over my details to someone who may need to have these discussions and allow me to make contact!