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September 20 2021 | Home

Tips for Townhouse Complex Owners

My name is Danielle Demerino and I’m a Toronto real estate agent looking to help my clients make their real estate dreams come true. Over the years, I have assisted my clients with the purchase of many different styles of homes, from townhouses to semi-detached houses to condos. The current real estate market has proven to be incredibly difficult for families searching to purchase a detached home, which has lead many buyers to give townhouse living a chance. While there are many different styles of townhomes, today we are going to focus on some tips for condominium townhouses with rooftop patios!

Avoid Leaks & Water Damage

Leaks and water damage for the most part can be avoided if property owners take good care of their home. Both hot water tanks and mixer valves are generally located in the utility room (or utility closet), should be given a visual inspection by the person living in the home. There could be a subtle leak and if this leak is missed or not fixed, significant damage could be done to not only your home, but your neighbours. Make a point of doing a regular check to avoid issues.

Avoid Rooftop Patio Problems

A rooftop patio can be a huge selling feature. String up some lights, get some patio furniture, invite some friends over and you can get that night out in the city, patio vibe. Although (townhouse) rooftop patios are designed and built for activities like entertaining guests, enjoying an al fresco dinner or reading in the sun, it appears that many users are pushing the usage boundaries and causing damage.

I can’t stress the importance of taking care of your rooftop patio. For example, you should avoid dragging heavy material across the roof. Ensure barbecues, outdoor furniture and other heavy items are carried and not dragged due to fact that the material can stretch, weaken or even tear. While it is incredibly tempting to use your rooftop space as a workshop, you should avoid it if you can. We have seen cuts, holes drilled, gashes and burns and more. If you chose to use the rooftop as your workshop, ensure you  use a solid surface on top of the roof.

The damage doesn’t end there. We have seen burns and even clogged scupper drains as a result of materials being left on the rooftop and making their way to the drain. Avoid leaving things like balls, garbage, plastic bags or other items that may be carried by the wind or washed away by the rain. The end result could cause huge damage to several units in the complex. It is important that you contact a professional to repair this type of damage.

Avoid Plumbing (Toilet) Problems

Most people that have experienced a flood due to a running toilet know just how costly it can be. A running toilet is often the result of the filler valve becoming stuck. Make sure you listen for the water to shut off after you flush the toilet; especially if you are going away on a vacation (but who does that anymore). Another issue that could lead to larger issues is the wax seal that lives below the toilet. Over time, it can become damaged and lead to larger problems. If you find your toilet bowl feels loose, you should consider checking on the wax ring as this can lead to thinning and damage. For more plumbing tips, click here.

Over all, condominium town house living can be an incredible experience. Take the time to ensure these common issues are avoided, for you and your neighbours. While insurance may cover the the cost of the damage, you could end up with an increase in your premium or an increase in the entire corporations premium. Take the time to learn the rules of your corporation to ensure everyone is safe rather than sorry.

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