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We love the lives we live! Danielle In The City is committed to embracing all things new and exciting. Join us as we report on the newest neighbourhoods, buildings, restaurants, events, artists and much more.

Where can i buy viagra online cheap - Viagra buy in pakistan

Sep 29 | Posted By

Can you imagine living in 7,050 SF of pure luxury? Well one lucky winner will do just that. The grand prize of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery is a stunning, luxury home in Oakville designed by Brian Gluckstein himself. The home comes fully furnished, professionally decorated and landscaped! Not to mention a 2019 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG SUV parked in the driveway and one million dollars in cash! A total prize value of $6,000,021.85.

What if I win?

Are there any hidden taxes I have to pay if I win the home?
No. Lottery winnings in Canada are considered windfalls.

Am I obligated to live in the home for a year if I win the grand prize?
No, if you win, the moment you take the title it is yours to do what you want with it. Rent, live, sell, your call!

Are there any showhome hidden fees that I have to pay for?
No, you are awarded your new home free of any additional charges. This includes the land transfer tax, real estate fees and legal fees are all paid for by the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery. You are simply responsible for the usual costs associated with home ownership!

What does the house look like?

Click here to view the floor plan or scroll through the images below.

How can I win the grand prize?

If you are interested in purchasing a ticket and your chance to win, click here to order tickets online. Note the draw is on October 12th, so get cracking!


Where can i buy viagra online cheap - Viagra buy in pakistan