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November 29 2023 | Real Estate Tips

Women Make Terrible Real Estate Investors!

Women make terrible real estate investors. Now let me clarify, it’s only because we don’t invest enough. Women right now are outpacing the purchasing of their first property over men. When it comes to second and third properties, we land far behind. In fact, 20% of the world’s purchases are done by women only. Here is my take on why more men are investing:

There is a gender bias. When women don’t see other women doing things, they don’t feel like they belong in this space. When I sit around with my male friends, we talk about stocks, real estate and politics. Often when I am around a group of women, we talk about things with less substance.

Often when women run into money, they feel an obligation to help their family and their community. They feel guilty investing. What they don’t see is that investing allows them to take care of take care of more people in the future.

Last of all, there is still a wage gap. Although women have come very far and make a lot more money in most industries. Women still are behind men in earnings.

We need to pump women up and show them that investing in secondary and third properties is possible and important.