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May 31 2023 | Buying/Selling

What to Look for When Hiring a Toronto Real Estate Agent

I can’t believe that you hired that guy from the bus ad! Really, you thought that guy was going to do a good job for you? Why because his face is plastered everywhere? So many clients ask me “What does a good job by a Toronto real estate agent mean, Danielle?”. To be good in real estate I believe you have to have a couple of things:

  1. You have to be good at property prep. Does your agent paint, repair, stage, photograph and video to be magazine worthy? Your home has to look better than the last one that sold in your area.
  2. You have to be good at selling things. Can they convey the reasons why your property should get the most amount of money to that discerning buyer? Have they done their target market research? Who is it being targeted to? Have they done their pricing research? Are you at the right rate?
  3. You have to be a strong negotiator? Do they have a backbone? Will they stand guard and hold up your property value?

Next time you think about hiring a man with an animal’s last name, think again, go with this lion! If you would like to schedule a conversation with Danielle Demerino, feel free to fill out a form on my website or book a chat by clicking here.