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Buenos Aires – Another Danielle, Another City

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As a child my parents took me travelling – not all the time, but enough to teach me the importance of other cultures and different landscapes.  As an only child to entrepreneurial parents I had the luxury that I understand is not available to everyone. We visited cities; I loved cities – I loved the hotel culture, I loved different cuisine, markets, dances – I wanted to try everything.. I didn’t know it would take me until my late twenties to really push myself to see parts of the world on my own.

I used to be very concerned with having company.. friends all around me kept me occupied, I had someone to entertain.  Now that I travel alone I’ve learnt the hard task of entertaining myself. I’m a big reader, I work out and I walk until my feet bleed.

In the past two years I’ve visited cities in Tanzania, Croatia, Greece, Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, The USA and currently Argentina – if I’ve got time I’ll make it over to Uruguay before this trip is over.

I wish I could say that I loved travelling like a backpacker ( although I do wear one) – I’m kind of a hybrid of hotel lobby lady and mountain warrior – But I admit to liking the finer things in life.

People always suggest – stay in hostels; you’ll meet people. To be honest – I haven’t stayed in a hostel since my early twenties and I’m meeting people just fine. You meet people like you wherever you like to be – I meet people at rooftop pools, drinking wine in parks, nude beaches and art galleries – people in all places are waiting to interact.

What fascinates me most about a city is generally it’s architecture and amenities – The big wooden doors on small industrial looking homes in niche neighbourhoods set me wide-eyed. Outdoor seating with fresh fish served under strung lights with ambient beats in the back soothes my trendy heart.

I try and learn the basic fundamentals of the native language before I arrive – pronunciation is important to me. My friends have always made fun because I make words sound like they should in our ever- so- boring english dialect – yes It’s Bruuuuskeetttta so please forgive me when I roll my eyes at your brushetta!

I research what locals wear and try and find a happy medium between my style and theirs. If it’s Paris and Rome, I bring my high Fashion.. if I’m on an island in central America I’m wearing sport shorts and an old tank. Someone asked me the other day “Do you ever feel like a tourist”. I’m touring, yes.. But tourist has a connotation that you’re out of place, that you don’t know what’s going on around you. With google maps, Yelp, Instagram – how people don’t know where to go, how to get there and what to wear are beyond me.

Letting Go – I work very very hard when I’m home. Not only do I work seven days a week as a competitive agent Downtown but I manage multiple rental properties, four employees, I mentor and consult, I throw events, I play in a band, and I do it all with a smile. My lighting speed lifestyle doesn’t let me “let go” it does’t allow me to “relax” and it very rarely helps me to “sleep”. The first couple days on a solo trip are hard for me – I’m looking to fill my time as efficiently as I would at home. Eventually I give in, I let go and find myself staring at a street musician for hours, drawing a bird on a notepad, laying on a beach while the water reflects in my eyes and at once I can breathe deep again.

Travelling is important to me – It’s the only time I’m selfish – it gives me the headspace I need to house new creative thoughts – it’s a shame it took me so long to realize I didn’t need someone else around just so I could be myself.

  • DD ( Buenos Aires)



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