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July 14 2017 | Home

At Home With Artist, Elise Goodhoofd

“You’d remember Elise If you met her” – I say to a friend who clearly hasn’t been lucky enough to. Packed full of energy and a ping pong style conversation – the morning wasn’t long enough for me and her to truly “catch up” ( we spoke speak super fast). I headed over to her King West Loft to get the scoop on her latest projects and swig a Jimmy’s Coffee. All the art shown is by her – for you, for us, for the world.

Elise’s art is wild, but legible… you know what she’s trying to explain but she’s speaking it in colour, in cursive, in emotion – I’ve always been drawn to her style. When she’s not doing pieces for Volkswagen, Google, CBC and EVERYONE ELSE who’s lucky enough to snag her she’s at home thinking of new ways to make people happy via art.

Elise’s Art aside, I wanted to see how she lived and the pictures speak for themselves. She’s kind of an artist of furniture geometry – all of the pieces somehow fit into the oddly shaped rooms with perfection. She’s not afraid to (literally) write on the walls, cover the feature wall in custom pieces, and explain the messy stories behind the glass.

Go check her site and her social media profiles at, IG: The Chalk Artist to see what all the commotion is about.