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Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Download the Jiffy App ASAP

May 24 | Posted By

Jiffy on demand, it’s like that Tinder app but without getting screwed! Funny branding and taglines aside, Jiffy is a pretty awesome app for homeowners and realtors alike. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your home repair and renovation needs. Whether you’re looking for someone to assemble your new IKEA furniture or need a hand with junk removal, Jiffy has a long list of service offerings within its easy to use app. Each service has a base cost estimate along with a simple form to contact the vendor for more information. The prices are fair and Jiffy promises partnerships with professional,…

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May 14 Posted By

The Non-Mom Theory & Happy Mothers Day too.

It’s a different kind of hard… But it’s still hard In response to a sweet article I read about the challenges and benefits of childrearing,…

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