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Let’s Talk About Toronto Real Estate

Being the largest city in Canada, Toronto is the capital city of Ontario. With half of its population born outside of Canada, as a result it offers one of the worlds leading spots for diversity and wonderful place to learn, live and love cultures from all over the world. Located on Lake Ontario, Toronto offers many water activities, several schooling options, shopping, tourist sites and of course a foodies dream! With that said, you can imagine the opportunity this city has to offer when it comes to employment opportunities.

Toronto’s Economy

The economy in Toronto continues to boost the ongoing construction throughout the city which continues to keep Toronto on the map as such a desirable place to purchase real estate. In addition to the so many different neighbourhoods and styles of living, Toronto is home to so many different types of people. Whether you are single, married, career driven, family-oriented, a new immigrant, it doesn’t matter. There is a place for you! In other words, with Toronto’s booming real estate market, it makes it a great place for you to search for your next home.

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Give us a call at 416-728-5401and we will introduce you to a Toronto real estate agent expert who will do it all. In addition to priding ourselves on being city experts, we also have experience in many surrounding areas such as Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Pickering, Scarborough, and more!

Why do we consider ourselves experts you may ask? The reason being we take the time to educate ourselves on the the neighbourhoods, the community, the local businesses, where to get the best pizza, what are your neighbours like, how do the schools rate, what does the future of this financial investment look like and most of all what is actual value of a property.

In conclusion, whether you are buying or selling with us, our real estate agents will ensure to report what the actual value of a property is. We will never bully you into buying or selling something that you don’t want to. We’ll make sure to find you the deals, but work with you on your goals!



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Toronto’s Housing Market Since 1974

If you are scared off by the prices of the Toronto housing market, perhaps the below graph will comfort you into making a decision. In 1974, the average price of a house in Toronto was $52,806. In 2019, the average price was $819,288. As you can see, even with all of the ebbs and flows that the market has brought us over the years, the Toronto real estate market has continued to grow and bring a great deal of financial success to many property owners.


What to Look for in a Toronto Real Estate Agent

If you are looking to purchase real estate in Toronto or the surrounding areas, you are also likely looking for a real estate agent. When it comes to selecting an agent, the importance of your Toronto realtor is almost as important as the home you select. There are so many elements to real estate and making sure that you have an expert agent that you can trust is key. What is it to be a city expert? Take a look.

What are the benefits of working with a real estate agent?

  • Agents have access to MLS, listings and other agents that may have connections hard to find on your own
  • When you’re buying or selling a home, having an expert negotiator on your side can make or break a deal
  • A real estate agent can provide guidance and support you during the process of buying, selling and the market
  • There is a lot of tedious paperwork that comes along for the journey and your real estate agent will take care of it
For more information give us a call 416-728-5401.

Does your realtor knows and understands the local market?

  • A real estate agent should be an expert on the area and city you’re looking to buy, period
  • They should be able to answer all of your questions about the local market but should also be able to give you options outside of the neighbourhood you’re looking for
  • Your Toronto realtor should be able to give you a rough estimate of the market prices in the neighbourhood your are interested along with local demographics, amenities and key characteristics of that neighbourhood
For more information give us a call 416-728-5401.

Does your realtor have experience?

  • Ask questions about their experience as a Toronto real estate agent
  • If you were referred to an agent by a friend or family member they likely have some experience under their belt
  • Ask real estate questions and evaluate their responses
  • How long have they been in the game for
  • Is this a full time career or a side gig
For more information give us a call 416-728-5401.

Are they responsive and assuring?

A good real estate agent is someone you can depend on. Real estate is a huge purchase and not one to be taken lightly. Make sure the realtor that you choose is there for you. You will have a lot of questions and should feel comfortable reaching out to ask these questions. A good agent will ensure top level communication and leave no question unanswered. The point of using a real estate agent is to remove the stress on your end and provide a feeling of ease throughout the process. If this is not the case…time to find a new Toronto realtor.

For more information give us a call 416-728-5401.

Is there chemistry between you and your Toronto real estate expert?

It may sound kind of silly, but you may want to meet up and interview your potential real estate agent before signing on the dotted line to use them. Remember that you are going to be spending heaps of time together, so make sure that there is some chemistry. This will help the entire process go smoother.

For more information give us a call 416-728-5401.

Does your realtor have your best interest at heart?

This is as simple as it sounds. Does your real estate agent really have your best interest at heart. Our team does whatever it takes to get a deal done for our clients. We are happy when our clients are happy. Period.

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The journey is just as important as the final destination. Buying, selling or renting can be a stressful time but a good Toronto real estate agent will take the weight off your shoulders. Contact Danielle in the City and speak with an expert real estate agent about your goals!

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