Never a dull moment as those closest to her would say; Danielle prides herself on having a `whatever it takes’ attitude. From a family of real estate brokers, builders and developers Danielle has been learning about everything Real Estate for her entire life. She’ll tell you that not a conversation goes by without her speaking about real estate, it’s her passion and what truly excites her most.

Danielle received her Communications and Business degree in 2007 and her post grad advertising and marketing designation in 2008. For the past 10 years she has been steadily climbing the ladder and has become one of the top 50 Realtors downtown Toronto.

Danielle enjoys working with all sorts of clientele but is most enthusiastic when finance and investment is involved. As she promises to live what she sells – she has built her real estate portfolio to that of someone far beyond her years encouraging all of her network to ‘get ‘on board’ the monopoly train with her.

Danielle promises honest hard work – a competitive negotiation and a good deal – she’s prides herself on it.

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