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At Home with Pete and Jules Whish

Oct 3 | Posted By

If you like colour, confetti pops, plants, the Beatles, bicycles and Biggie Smalls quotes… you’ll love Chateau Whish.

My dear clients: the patient ones who made it through the bidding war months, the ones that never stopped smiling; who “never stopped believing”.. Who landed up with a home they could perfectly decorate to match who they are – Interesting AF!

Let’s start with the vintage dinner table, chairs and side table/phone chair from Julie’s grandmother – on the wall beside it a Lennon poster cut in half and framed in two ( Pete’s so smart). They perfectly preserve the items that mean most to them, the lunch boxes, books, and treasured green chest they bargain hunted for, I promise you cannot find a wall you don’t like here.

Upstairs is the Craft Den & headquarters for www.heyjules.ca IG: heyjulesxo; The Toronto Blogger and Cultural Specialist has everything you’ll ever need to stay happy.


Lastly, the backyard was co-built by Pete, the Bannikin-Account-Managin’, woodworking master of their terrace. Strung with lights, accented with plants, It’s a place I’m sure their friends never want to leave (I sure didn’t).

Your home is a reflection of your personality; What does yours say about you?


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