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The Vibe

Known for its residents, food, and shops Chinatown is an aptly named ethnic pocket of Toronto with a high population of Chinese residents and businesses. Though there are multiple neighbourhoods now with the same name, the most dominant in the city is known as Old Chinatown situated at Spadina and Dundas popularized after the demolition of First Chinatown in order to make way for Toronto City Hall.

The Homes

Housing comes at an average price point of just under $550,000 for those looking to buy in the area. Most accommodations are condos and live-work facilities over local businesses.

Who Lives Here?

Typically residents are immigrants and descendants of China and Hong Kong, with pockets of Thai and Vietnamese families, with the dominant language remaining Cantonese. There is a growing number of students and young families making their way to the area as well.

What's There To Do?

Culture is a large part of the community and is celebrated by food and festivities annually. Some hot spots to seek out include Bright Pearl Seafood Restaurant on Spadina—serving fresh seafood, all day Dim Sum, and speciality dishes like Peking Duck and Spadina Garden specializing in Peking, Hunan, and Szechuan delights for over 25 years! Be sure to check out the numerous fresh fish and produce markets open year round, celebrate Chinese New Year, and visit the Toronto Chinatown Festival in August offering free admission and insight into the Chinese culture!

What About Commuting?

Commuters have easy access to the Gardiner, streetcars and buses that travel along Spadina and Dundas.

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