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Best Toronto Neighbourhoods for Young Professionals

Feb 12 | Posted By
Young Professional Neighbourhoods

Depending on our stage of life, it’s only natural to look for different things in the areas in which we choose to live. For example, students usually work on tight budgets and tend to gravitate towards neighbourhoods where rent is “cheaper” (but let’s be real, we’re talking about Toronto here, and there’s no such thing as cheap). On the other hand, families with children will prefer somewhere Uptown or East-end and quieter. And then there are the young professionals of Toronto. Now that they’ve finished school and are starting their careers, they have a bit of money to spend. They…

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leslieville neighbourhood
Jan 28 Posted By

Neighbourhood Spotlight: Leslieville

Average Freehold Price: Fall 2018 –  $1,020,665.00   Welcome To Leslieville The middle-class eastside neighbourhood of Leslieville starts at the train tracks at Degrassi and…

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