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Mar 8 | Posted By

Be BOLD,  if not for you than for someone else who needs the inspiration…

My whole life has been an accumulation of who I am today. Just like the books I read and the films I watch, my life is a story – a story I’m proud of. My life is a story I’d read and a story I’d watch over again – it’s got moments of deep sadness, of revery, of passion, adventure and as last night’s chapter or scene played itself out – of victory. As of last night, I am a Toronto, house owner!

I’ve dreamed of becoming a famous artist, running a business empire, of fostering children, of flying a plane and driving a race car. I’ve ridden motorcycles on steep cliffs, skydived the Alps, played on landmark stages, fell in love in unusual places, but I hadn’t yet satisfied the one strong urge. I wanted to build a home where people were always welcome. Welcome to stay when they needed comfort or companionship;  A HOUSE where people drank and ate and laughed and brought over their guitars for jam sessions.

I’ve owned many condos and a couple of houses in University towns but buying a home in Toronto seemed almost impossible for a single buyer with one income in this market.

In honour of International Women’s Day, I’d like to bring hope to those, men and women, in our glorious city trying to purchase right now. Times are TOUGH, but like all things worth it – it’s worth waiting for, worth fighting for. I bought a house in Parkdale, and I bought it alone. My dreams came to fruition because I worked for it – I never let my eyes off my vision. Anything you want in this life, big or small, you can have – you just have to want it badly enough.

I am not Malala – she is of far greater importance. But I am Danielle, I am a woman, and today I’m extra proud to be.


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  • Posted on Mar14/2017 By

    Fantastic, Danielle! This is great to see as a father of two little girls. Keep chasing your dreams and make them real!