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We love the lives we live! Danielle In The City is committed to embracing all things new and exciting. Join us as we report on the newest neighbourhoods, buildings, restaurants, events, artists and much more.

Is it safe to buy viagra online canadian pharmacy - Cost of viagra per tablet

Jan 6 | Posted By

Picture this, you land your dream condo! You bust open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. A dance party commences. Friends start asking when you’re moving into your new place. Excited, you respond in blah blah days. You say to yourself, “blah blah days”. You realize you have a ton of stuff to organize in a short amount of blah blah time. A list too long to organize in your mind begins to pile up. You call Danielle to help formulate a plan. She tells you about MoveSnap and how being a client of hers entitles you to use her MoveSnap…

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Jan 17 Posted By

Is it safe to buy viagra online canadian pharmacy - Cost of viagra per tablet

Last year’s real estate market was a wild ride for buyers and sellers across Canada. The country saw a fair number of bidding wars, bully…

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Dec 24 Posted By

2016 a successful year for YOU!

Studies show that it’s not the end result that makes us happy, but that our struggles and our ability to overcome them is. (more…)

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Dec 13 Posted By

5 Holiday Staycation Activities You Can Do Right At Home

As you scroll through your Instagram feed double tapping all your friend’s beach vacation pictures, do not feel sorry for yourself. Not everyone can go…

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Dec 12 Posted By

Buenos Aires – Another Danielle, Another City

As a child my parents took me travelling – not all the time, but enough to teach me the importance of other cultures and different landscapes.  As an only child to entrepreneurial parents I had the luxury that I understand…

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Dec 6 Posted By

4 Home Devices that Will Save you Money

As the real estate market continues to rise, homeowners old and new are looking for ways to keep housing prices low – even after the…

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Nov 21 Posted By

4 Tactics to Landing Your Client’s Dream Home in a Competitive Real Estate Market

Right now, as many of my clients know, the Toronto real estate market has more demand than supply. There simply is not enough residential properties…

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Nov 3 Posted By

5 Thing You Didn’t Know About Toronto’s Historical Street Names

Unlike the desert plains U2 sings about in “Where the Streets Have No Names,” Toronto’s streets are built on the names of bakers, beer brewers,…

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Oct 26 Posted By

3 Affordable Toronto Neighbourhoods to Consider Before It’s Too Late

If you’ve ever met a Toronto real estate agent you’ve probably heard him or her say, the market is hot! They aren’t lying! Toronto’s city…

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Oct 17 Posted By

What is Danielle In The City?

Two weeks ago a guy I was madly in love with when I was 16 years old texted and asked me “what is Danielle in the city?” and “Can I be a part of it?” This guy never gave me…

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