A case of the corners
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Have you recently stepped on Lego and said just to fall over into a pile of winter clothing? Do you use your bread box as a platform for a variety of other carbohydrates? Or worst of all, have you started a real life version of Jenga but with things you actually need?

If this all sounds too familiar, you might be suffering from a case of the corners.

People with your ailment have run out of space for their most valuable items and have started using space for storage that should be used for wall art.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. By contacting Danielle in the City, we can turn your chaotic home into a place you are embarrassed to have your mother in law over to.

Our buying experts can help you find a home that fits all of your items, your timeline, and your budget.

By contacting us, you’ll never have to use your oven for storing or sweaters again.

Side Effects May Include:

  • Much more patience with your family
  • A more clean and peaceful mindset
  • Happier marriage to your spouse
  • Not wanting to run away to an island where no one knows your name