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We love the lives we live! Danielle In The City is committed to embracing all things new and exciting. Join us as we report on the newest neighbourhoods, buildings, restaurants, events, artists and much more.

Buy viagra online canadian, Viagra online sales australia

Jan 6 | Posted By

Picture this, you land your dream condo! You bust open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. A dance party commences. Friends start asking when you’re moving into your new place. Excited, you respond in blah blah days. You say to yourself, “blah blah days”. You realize you have a ton of stuff to organize in a short amount of blah blah time. A list too long to organize in your mind begins to pile up. You call Danielle to help formulate a plan. She tells you about MoveSnap and how being a client of hers entitles you to use her MoveSnap Subscription….Your response is… What the heck is MoveSnap?

MoveSnap is “everything you need for your move in one place”. The website is an easy way to organize all moving related tasks to help you stay on track and minimize the stress of moving. Here are the top 8 ways MoveSnap can help simplify your move:  

  1. Buy viagra online canadian, Viagra online sales australia

  • Hire a mover: Get a free estimate by filling out a short web form detailing your move and location. The site will follow up with a competitive array of estimates and allow you to compare, select and save.
  • Rent a Truck: If you’re looking to save some money and are willing to do some of the heavy lifting, rent a truck. MoveSnap offers instant truck rental estimates based on your location, and the number of bedrooms you need to move.
  • Arrange Storage: Whether you need a place to store belongings before the moving date or you just have too much stuff, you can arrange a storage unit in just a couple clicks. Similar to the rent a truck function, you receive an instant quote based on your location and number of bedrooms you need to store.
  • Book an Elevator: Without picking up a phone you can have MoveSnap get in touch with the property managers of your current residence and the building you’re moving to. Simply enter your current address and your future address in the boxes provided and let the site do the rest.


  1. Change Your Address

This could be the most cumbersome task of them all. On average a person will have to contact 15 organizations and businesses to change their address. MoveSnap allows you to connect with the Federal Government, Provincial Services, Passport and Immigration, Financial Institutes and it also helps you create lists of other places to contact, i.e. schools and dentist.

Sometimes you have to move out of your current residence a few months before moving into your new home, in the case you can use the site to set up mail forwarding.  


  1. Declutter your home

Unfortunately, you can’t click one button and instantly have your home decluttered but the site does offer some fun tips and tricks to help you get the job done.

Click the room you want to tackle and the site will give you a difficulty level, a list of things you’ll need and a recommended approach.

  1. Toss Away Your Junk

The best thing about moving is going through old stuff, finding treasures and taking a trip down memory lane. However, half the stuff you find you’ll ask what the heck do I do with this now? The answer is toss it, sell it, or donate it.

  • Toss it: the site provides links for disposal and recycling centres by region.
  • Sell it: the site provides links to online selling sites/stores based on item (for example, where to sell sports equipment over designer clothes).
  • Donate it: the site provides links to donation sites/charities based on item.
  1. Pack Your Stuff

Move snap offers you helpful package tips and links of where to find great deals of packing supplies.

  1. Move Your Utilities

This feature may be one of your favorites. Add the addresses of the residences you need to add or remove utilities and let MoveSnap arrange the rest. The site will help you move electricity, natural gas, water, cable tv, internet, and home phone.

  1. Insurance and Mortgage

Create a list of insurance companies you need to contact about the upcoming move, set up reminders, and check them off the to-do list. Interested in seeing if there’s a better mortgage rate out there? Fill out a simple web form for a competitive list of mortgage rates.

  1. Special Offers

Lastly, MoveSnap provides special offers to help cut down the costs of moving. Get discounts from some of the site’s partners, such as house cleaning services, locksmith discounts, and professional duct cleaning.

Overall, MoveSnap is a great new resource for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. The site is currently in its startup phase and has a lot of potential to make some growth. Keep your eyes for new functions and features as the site gains popularity. 


Buy viagra online canadian, Viagra online sales australia


  • Posted on May26/2017 By

    Amazing application! Really provides stress-free moving options that seem to be the future! 10/10. As well, very well written article