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We love the lives we live! Danielle In The City is committed to embracing all things new and exciting. Join us as we report on the newest neighbourhoods, buildings, restaurants, events, artists and much more.

Buy viagra online pharmacy reviews, Is the viagra online from canada safe

Feb 9 | Posted By

Are you fed up with the Toronto real estate market? Consider new condo developments in the city’s east end. Two years ago, the Toronto real estate market was a more flexible and fair place for buyers – much more than it is today.

Every agent in the GTA most likely has a hand full of buyer clients that are getting turned away from properties because of those willing to pay way over asking price. We’ve landed deep into a seller’s market; many Toronto properties are going for $200K to a shocking $1M over asking price. In this market, a listing getting multiple offers is now the norm, even if the property is subpar. People want into the market now, and to some, the price of doing so doesn’t matter. But for the buyers that have budgets alongside specific wants and needs, a seller’s market isn’t the most understanding or patient for buyers with restricting property requirements.

So how do you get into this expanding and competitive marketplace? You might want to consider east end pre-construction developments. How far east you ask? The outskirts of Scarborough! Kingston Road/Birch Cliff area is booming with new development properties. We created a list of a few buildings with units still available (please note: availability changes quickly, if you want information on units, prices and sold status, email us. We get better deals than if you go directly to the builder).

If you’re looking for a new development in an up-coming-neighbourhood, with easy access to the city’s core, here are a few buildings to consider:

Buy viagra online pharmacy reviews, Is the viagra online from canada safe


  • Location: 1572 Kingston Rd, Toronto
  • Estimated Price Range: $425,000 – $1,300,000
  • Estimated Occupancy Date: February 2018
  • Development Status: In Construction
  • To view floor plans visit:

2. Kingston & Co


  • Location: 1092 Kingston Rd, Toronto
  • Estimated Price Range: $343,000 – $835,000
  • Estimated Occupancy Date: August 2017
  • Development Status: In Construction
  • To view floor plans visit:


3.  The Treehouse Towns


  • Location: 2535 Gerrard St E, Toronto
  • Estimated Price Range: $579,900 – $684,900
  • Estimated Occupancy Date: September 2017
  • Development Status: In Construction
  • To view floor plans visit:

4. The Hunt Club


  • Location: 21346 Kingston Rd, Toronto
  • Estimated Price Range: $429,900 – $929,000
  • Estimated Occupancy Date: TBA
  • Development Status: Pre-Construction
  • To view floor plans visit:

5. The Southwood 


  • Location: 663 Kingston Rd. & Southwood Dr.
  • Estimated Price Range: $374,900 – $889,900
  • Estimated Occupancy Date: Summer 2017
  • Development Status: In Construction
  • To view floor plans visit:

6. Birch Cliff Village


  • Location: 1548 Kingston Road
  • Estimated Price Range: $734,000 – $874,000
  • Estimated Occupancy Date: October 2017
  • Development Status: In Construction
  • To view floor plans visit:

Buy viagra online pharmacy reviews, Is the viagra online from canada safe