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5 Awesome Trades You Need to Know About

Mar 24 | Posted By

I truly love going to the National Home Show every year, but this year was different. I was more excited than ever because I am finally a Toronto house owner! Don’t get me wrong, whether you’re a house owner, condo owner, or renter planning for the future, the home show has something for everyone. Some women spend years daydreaming of their wedding day. In similar style, I spent years daydreaming of the blueprints, designs, and structures of my big day – purchasing a house. That being said, going to the home show this year, I already knew what I wanted/needed…

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Mar 22 Posted By

What will it sell for? New Toronto Real Estate Listings #1

It’s not November 2016 anymore! The Toronto real estate market has made a significant price jump in just a few months. Like many buyers and…

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Mar 8 Posted By

Be Bold in Life. Be Bold in Love. Be Bold in Real Estate.

Be BOLD,  if not for you than for someone else who needs the inspiration… My whole life has been an accumulation of who I am…

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