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8 Ways to Organize your Next Move Using MoveSnap

Jan 6 | Posted By

Picture this, you land your dream condo! You bust open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. A dance party commences. Friends start asking when you’re moving into your new place. Excited, you respond in blah blah days. You say to yourself, “blah blah days”. You realize you have a ton of stuff to organize in a short amount of blah blah time. A list too long to organize in your mind begins to pile up. You call Danielle to help formulate a plan. She tells you about MoveSnap and how being a client of hers entitles you to use her MoveSnap…

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Jan 17 Posted By

5 Toronto Real Estate Market Changes to Look Out for in 2017

Last year’s real estate market was a wild ride for buyers and sellers across Canada. The country saw a fair number of bidding wars, bully…

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