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Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Download the Jiffy App ASAP

May 24 | Posted By

Jiffy on demand, it’s like that Tinder app but without getting screwed! Funny branding and taglines aside, Jiffy is a pretty awesome app for homeowners and realtors alike. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your home repair and renovation needs. Whether you’re looking for someone to assemble your new IKEA furniture or need a hand with junk removal, Jiffy has a long list of service offerings within its easy to use app. Each service has a base cost estimate along with a simple form to contact the vendor for more information. The prices are fair and Jiffy promises partnerships with professional, high-quality vendors.

At first, we thought this app might be too good to be true. And there was only one way to find out. Download the app and test it out – so that we did!

The setup process is quick and painless. Enter your name, email address, phone number and create a password and BAM you’re done. Under your profile, you can add your credit card information for easy billing.  

We needed carpet cleaning for one of our listings, so instead of doing a classic Google search and calling around for quotes, we simply opened the app scrolled down to “carpet and upholstery cleaning” and was greeted with an instant quote.

We then completed the form with the date of service, the property address, and job details.  We got a follow-up within the hour and we were texting with Omar about the details in no time. The vendor was professional in conversation, was good with instructions and did a great job on the property. It was magical. We never met Omar in person (we had a lockbox on site and he entered the home while our clients were at work). But the communication was so seamless that we felt as if we worked with him many times before.

After the job was complete, we got a text from Omar and a notification from the Jiffy app of the job completion status. We could see the invoice right away and payment was sent through the app upon approval.

We gave Omar 5-stars for being professionally awesome on all fronts. We also gave Jiffy 5-stars for being a badass app that made our busy lives just a little easier. If you’re a real estate agent, we highly recommend you get this app ASAP. If you have a few listings on the go that need a little tender love and care before they hit the market, Jiffy will take a load off your shoulders. For homeowners, this app is a great way to ensure you’re working with professional vendors that offer a high standard of work.

Have you tested out Jiffy yet? If so, was your experience as flawless as ours? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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