Real Estate Specialists
& Neighborhood Experts


Real Estate Specialists
& Neighborhood Experts


Real Estate Specialists
& Neighborhood Experts

February 27, 2015
Why On Earth Would you Use a Realtor to Buy?

Man, Woman, why would you use a realtor when you can search the internet yourself? You’ve got access to almost all of the listings we do? you know how to use a phone and call the other agent or homeowner, you can drive right? 15 years ago listings weren’t on the internet, you NEEDED a Realtor to help you with your search - but things have changed. So why on earth would you use one?. well, you shouldn’t use any realtor, According to CREA, 10% of the Real Estate agents in the GTA make 90% of the deals. My team and I are happy to let you know that we are included in that 10%. A good realtor should be able to do the following for you. Navigate listings, analyze and interpret and compare data, not just find listings on MLS. Be a strong negotiator Have the interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with you about your real estate needs and goals. Must have a strong understanding of finance, law, investment and construction Be available to you, on your schedule, and give you an ‘experience’ instead of it feeling like outings are a ‘chore’. A Realtor on your side will make sure to include clauses and stipulations for your purchase that will benefit and protect you. Without using one you will become a ‘client’ of the other realtor who will not have the fiduciary responsibilities to put you first. Our full service mentality will put you in the winner’s circle. If you’re looking to win a bidding war, negotiate down a price, find the greatest cash flow investment or learn a little something other agent’s aren’t willing to tell you - we ARE your women.

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185 Legion Rd

  • 0 Beds
  • 1 Baths
  • 499 Sq.Ft.

Wonderful pied a terre at The Tides of Mystic Point.

This unit had great flow and is... Read More

Street Cred

  • After living in the big smoke for a couple of years I thought it was about time I bought a place instead of renting an apartment with a leaky roof and rats that I gave names too. One thing was that I...
    Dave Hughes and Danielle Wilson
  • Daniella, You were nothing short of incredible. I was reluctant to use a younger agent to sell our 1.5m dollar home but I was referred to you by a trusted source and thought I’d take the...
    Sandra Beneditto
  • Danielle is a Realtor that I would highly recommend to everyone! She helped my boyfriend and I find two amazing condo units in Toronto within a short amount of time. Danielle was always happy to...
    Stephanie Aziz and Perry Gilman
  • I loved working with Danielle to find my new home, no matter how many times my list of must haves changed, or ideal neighborhoods, or budget, she stuck with me until I was able to find my perfect...
    Carla G
  • I used Danielle Demerino to purchase my first condo. I was nervous at first however, she made the entire process so easy from getting approved for my mortgage to finding my dream home. She is very...
    Brittany Huggins

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