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February 27, 2015
The only time I will slap a woman

Physically aggressive I am not, I’ve been in two altercations and tried very little in both. The first when I was in grade 7 and my (still) friend Katie called me ‘plump’ then told me she could still beat me up; she did, I cried. The second time was in Myrtle Beach with another friend at a bar. A larger than average woman was angry that her boyfriend was looking at me and so she pushed me to the ground before my (still stronger than you) friend put her right in her place.. on the ground next to me. I tell you this all because I don’t like fighting - but I will slap a woman once who thinks the following; That home ownership isn’t important. In 1882 a little thing called the ‘Women’s Property Act’ was inacted giving women the right to inherit, purchase and own property for the first time in history. Before this, women, because they were not considered ‘people’ could not own and were only able to habitat under the ownership of a man. This Act meant that women were now responsible for their own debts, their own repairs and that they could sue or be sued - awesome stuff! Today in 2015 when I hear that a woman has no interest in owning property I’m perplexed, saddened and to be honest; enraged. Owning a home is the single best thing you can do for your financial future, every single piece of literature will tell you the same, so why are these women so unintersted? According to CMHC 65% of condo buyers in the GTA are women - presumably less are buying homes as single family residences are more expensive and purchasing power is usually stronger with dual incomes and historically by men - but that is besides the point. My point is; women who don’t see a reason to own something for themselves need a big ‘ol slap. Recently I have heard the following reasons as to why ownership isn’t important. It is too expensive, I’d rather rent and have money available for me to travel and shop. If I get married I would rather have my own spending money and my husband/partner can pay the bills - I don’t want to tie up my own money into something I can’t enjoy I don’t understand finance and it seems too difficult, the thought of it stresses me out. It’s not that important to me - it doesn’t give me more self worth. A woman who doesn’t understand basic finance, law, and the world at large will have to depend on someone else to guide her along - all the way hoping that person has her best interests at hand. The amount of divorced women left living in a small apartment somewhere because their partner has left them is astonishing - and I want it to be a fact of the past. Women need to get into the market as soon as they can, first time homeownership requires 5% down and a little faith that your property will go up in value. Women need to safely wait until their property appreciates and then buy something bigger - or take money out and buy a second property to build their real estate portfolio Women need to hold on to an asset of their own forever - remembering not to ‘give it up’ if they marry and move into a home with their spouse’s name on the deed. Women need to know that they can buy and build, and acquire and invest, all at the same as any man can - and for those women who don’t believe this is important - they need to come visit me at my office where I’ll have a giant, face reddening, slap waiting for them.

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